Show You Mine/Show Me Yours

Image credits: Barbara Antal

‘Show you mine/show me yours’ (2021)

‘Show you mine/show me yours’ is a document of the artist’s experiences on the video-chat website Chatroulette during lockdown. Such randomised video-chat platforms seem to stage an endless procession of lonely souls, forging intimate, if partial links between different real-world, personal spaces. While giving users temporary windows into the confined realms of others, Chatroulette also provides a fleeting context in which to analyse the reproduction and distortion of social, sexual, gendered and cultural norms by individuals who have no way to maintain contact after catching a glimpse of the other on a 2D screen. As a woman entering this unmoderated space, Sebes dodged nude and masturbating chat-partners, attempting to speak to others about their relationships with their possessions and the homes to which they have been confined during the global pandemic. She came across gendered barriers to this discussion in the hyper-sexualised environment, but was also compelled to consider the cultural assumptions she herself was bringing into these interactions.

‘Show you mine/show me yours’ was exhibited in the exhibition ‘Sounds of Home’ at the CHB in Berlin from April-June, 2021



Tags: 2021