Hold For Three

Hold for Three (2023)
Sonic performance with amplified bellows, in collaboration with Kayla Elrod (50 mins)
Performed at Hošek Contemporary Berlin, July 2023

‘Hold for Three’ is a sonic performance which morphs bodies into machinehood and objects into organs. Kayla Elrod and Lottie Sebes probe the sonic capacities of various bellows, operating them as instruments, extensions and prosthetics. Sonic worlds are built from wheezing breath, creaking hinges, loosening screws, and hot air hissing. Outmoded objects of production are transformed into otherworldly organs, powered by mechanical respiration, a cycle of tension and release.  With affection, play and struggle, we maintain constant operation, we make use of the useless.

What slips from a hosed mouth on the floor of an old ship?








bellows (n.)
Instrument for producing a current of air, especially for a fire, from middle English blæstbælg, literally “blowing bag” (compare German Blasebalg). Related to belly (n.) from Proto-Indo-European *bhel-” to blow, swell.”

bellow (v.)
From an imitative Proto-Indo-European root *bhel-” to sound, roar.” Originally of animals, used of human beings since c. 1600. As a noun, “a loud, deep cry”.
















Image credits:  Kim Wichera

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